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Link Get your Phanfare swag

We’ve hung a shingle over at CafePress, so head on over and load up on Phanfare goodies. We’ve got trucker hats, T-shirts, thongs, bike bags, coffee mugs, bibs, dog clothing, and much, much more. So if you know any slacker bike messengers who drink coffee, drool a lot, and own chihuahuas, you’re pretty much all [...]

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Link So long, Ben

Just a short post to wish a fond farewell to our summer intern, Ben. Ben is headed back to school to do some more book-learnin’, but he will continue to stay involved with Phanfare when he’s not busy listening to rap music, or drinking highballs, or whatever it is the youngsters do these days. Ben [...]

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Link Phanfare Mac client on the way

The Phanfare Photo mac client has now entered what we’re calling “double secret pre-alpha” testing. The monkeys are going to need to bang on it for several weeks more, but in the meantime, we’re happy to share pre-release screens shots that highlight some of the cool new features of the Mac client. Notice the film-strip [...]

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Link Choosing a digital camera

The New York Times recently published a digital camera buying guide. Though it contained no earth-shattering revelations, it did provide a useful rundown of some of the often overlooked aspects of buying a camera. And it was the most emailed article of the day, so clearly it struck a chord. Here, then, is our summary [...]

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Link Introducing the Phanfare forums

Those of you who have written in to support @ phanfare . com know what kind helpful and speedy customer service you can expect from us. But we’re feeling a little verklempt right now, so we we’re hoping you could just talk amongst yourselves for a moment. Introducing the Phanfare forum, a place where members [...]

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Link Hello, said the blog

Greetings, fair Phanfare fans. I present to you: Phanfare, the blog. For your delectation, this space will serve up the latest news and announcements; tips and tricks on how to get the most from your digital photos and videos; items of general interest to the community; and whatever else strikes us as amusing when we’re [...]

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