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Link Hello, said the blog

Greetings, fair Phanfare fans.

I present to you: Phanfare, the blog.

For your delectation, this space will serve up the latest news and announcements; tips and tricks on how to get the most from your digital photos and videos; items of general interest to the community; and whatever else strikes us as amusing when we’re taking a break during line shift changes down at the Phanfare factory.

Comments are open, and we welcome all comers. Over the next few posts, I and the other members of the team will be introducing ourselves and filling you in on some of the nifty features that are coming down the pike.

A solemn pledge: this is a PR-free zone. We’ve actually hidden our PR guy’s keyboard, so that he can’t do any damage here. (Although Steve happens to be an excellent amateur photographer, and he’s promised to let me publicize his Phanfare album once he gets it just the way he likes it.)

And before I forget, please subscribe to our RSS feed and then never come back to this web site again. Here’s the feed address:


P.S. If you’re at all confused by the terms “blog,” “RSS feed,” etc., have no fear. It’s all pretty simple, really, and we’ve put together a little tutorial here.

  • Katie Mercado

    The new version is much better.The new updates are amazing …thanks for sharing with me.

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