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Link Introducing the Phanfare forums

Those of you who have written in to support @ phanfare . com know what kind helpful and speedy customer service you can expect from us. But we’re feeling a little verklempt right now, so we we’re hoping you could just talk amongst yourselves for a moment.

Linda Richman.  Let's talk

Introducing the Phanfare forum, a place where members of the community can get together, have some coffee and, you know, talk. Of course, the forum is also a great place to get hold of Phanfare employees, so we’re hoping that over time it becomes your first resource for any support needs, product feature requests, water cooler gossip, photography tips and tricks, product recommendations, etc.

We can’t spell forum without ‘U’ (get it? get it? I’ll be here all night, folks), so head over there and let us know what’s on your mind. I’ve optimistically seeded the forum with a bunch of categories, but we need your help. A new forum is an uncomfortably silent place, sort of like one of those couples you see in restaurants eating their food and not talking to one another.

Please note: You need to register in order to post messages to the forum. Your Phanfare login will not work as a login to the forum. We hope to fix this someday, but for now, it’s just one of those things.

So let’s get started. I’ll kick things off: digital photography is neither digital nor photography. Discuss.

Linda Richman

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