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Link Phanfare for the Mac available

We’ve blaired this news from every other communications outlet, so why not here as well? Mac owners rejoice: Phanfare is now available right on your very own desktop. Of course, this is a beta release, which is software parlance for “still a little pink in the middle.” Not to fear: Phanfare for the Mac will [...]

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Link Where is the iPod of digital cameras?

David Pogue gushes over a new JVC camcorder that uses a built-in 30GB hard drive to store video. No more videotapes to swap around – once you fill the drive, you have to either delete footage or download it to your computer to make room. My only question is – why has this taken so [...]

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Link Delete your ex from your old photos

Reporting from the Ministry of Truth, Cnet takes an appropriately tongue-in-cheek look at some new photo editing technology from Microsoft. Forget about correcting red-eye or adjusting color levels. Now sophisticated home photographers can delete unwanted people from their images. The technology to remove foreground items appears to work pretty well, judging from the sample images. [...]

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Link Improvements to Phanfare video

We have another release coming out imminently, and it includes a major change in the way we deliver the video content in your albums. The change doesn’t affect the Phanfare Photo application that you use to organize your pictures and videos, so it may go unnoticed by many or most of our users. But it [...]

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