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Link Delete your ex from your old photos

Reporting from the Ministry of Truth, Cnet takes an appropriately tongue-in-cheek look at some new photo editing technology from Microsoft.

Forget about correcting red-eye or adjusting color levels. Now sophisticated home photographers can delete unwanted people from their images. The technology to remove foreground items appears to work pretty well, judging from the sample images.

Also on display was technology to digitally weather items in images by, for example, adding moss to them. Although potentially amusing, the “Add moss” button will probably not be part of Phanfare anytime soon.

As computers become ever more powerful and digital images ever more ubiquitous, we can expect to see all sorts of sophisticated image manipulation tools in the hands of ordinary users.

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    i like the title of this site, its so cool. but its true in this article that photo editing is good for some pictures that needs to be edited, but its so good now that even not editing photos, some people in an image can be deleted,..

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    Interesting post. I have just bookmarked this at stumbleupon. Others no doubt will like it like I did.

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    hmmm that could come in very handy :)

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    Interesting! I have been looking for this info for the last few hours. Keep us updated I would like to hear more!

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