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Link Web Service Integration, Mac vs. PC

As Ben mentioned in the first installment (I am a guest blogger for this installment), part of the original decision to build Phanfare on Microsoft’s .NET platform was the ease with which Visual Studio lets you build web services and clients that integrate with those services. Building a .NET web service method within Visual Studio [...]

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Link GUI Development on the Mac vs. the PC

GUI apps are like sausages, it is better not to see them made. Apple and Microsoft have a fundamentally different approach to sausage production. Visual Studio integrates its GUI designer right into the IDE. On the Mac, you use Interface builder, a separate application, to create your GUI elements. The integration of GUI design within [...]

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Link Xcode vs. Visual Studio

If you are writing a full featured GUI application for Windows, you spend your life in Visual Studio. On the Mac, you use Apple’s Xcode. Before writing Phanfare Photo for the Mac, most of my development experience had been in Windows. I installed XCode. Within 10 minutes I had a ‘hello world’ application displaying a [...]

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Link Mac vs. PC Development

We recently released the Mac version of Phanfare Photo. The issue of Mac versus PC for the end user is hotly and endlessly debated but you don’t see that much about the pros and cons of the platforms from a development standpoint. I developed the Mac version of Phanfare photo, and worked extensively on the [...]

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