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The PMA show is in full swing down in Orlando. For those of you who don’t know, PMA is the annual photography trade show conference where companies strut their stuff. For a glimpse into booths on the tradeshow floor, check out, prepared by the digital-photography obsessed folks at The Imaging Resource. Imaging Resource also provides comprehensive reviews of gear and interesting commentary.

Imaging Resource is using Phanfare to publish booth reports as they walk around the show floor. They are using Phanfare in stock form, with the one exception being that we did a special style for them that includes their logo in the top left and removes the years across the top.

We get a fair number of requests for business-friendly features in Phanfare. This includes custom skinning, automatic watermarking of photos, the ability to set print prices and an online shopping cart. Collectively, I call these features “Phanfare Pro,” a product we don’t offer today.

We probably will offer a product aimed at business at some point, but right now we are firmly focused on solving the consumer photo and video sharing problem. Nevertheless, the Imaging Resource PMA site shows that Phanfare satisfies many business needs in its current form.

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