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Link You get what you pay for

Our parents tried to teach the basic idea that you get what you pay for. Yet we are tempted. Many people ask us how we are different from the online printing companies that offer sharing for “free.” But there is no free lunch of course. These companies earn money in other ways. When they believe that they can not make money on you, their interest in hosting your media diminishes… to zero.

In “The Downside of Photo Storage Sites” The Wall Street Journal reports on the risk that free photo sharing sites may remove your images if you fail to give them other business. Often customers are unaware of these risks when they sign up… and yet our parents warned us.

Phanfare’s proposition is simple. You pay us to host your photos and videos and that is what we do. You are our customer, paying for a service. In return, you get a high quality experience for your viewers, free of marketing offers; maintain choice of where to print; get high quality support (try calling the support line of an ad-supported media play and see what they can do for you); and universal access to your media, including the full-size original images.

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