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Link Embed videos in blogs and auctions using Phanfare

With our latest release, Phanfare customers can embed their videos into blogs, auctions and other third party web pages, to be shown without advertising. Essentially, this enables you to use Phanfare for video hosting. What better way to show off the technology than to include a video in our blog? The following video of WABC in NY interviewing me is served from a Phanfare album.

Here are instructions on how to reveal the HTML to embed a Phanfare video.

We recently surveyed our customers and found out that 22% maintain their own blog and 45% sell on Ebay or another auction site. Now our customers can use Phanfare to embed videos in their blogs and auctions. We allow image hosting too, but that has been enabled for a while.

The beautiful thing about our business model is that our interests are aligned with our customers’ interests. At printing-oriented sites they can not make the sharing experience too good or it will cannibalize the printing. At ad-supported sites, the business serves two masters: advertiser and consumer.

At Phanfare, we are not conflicted. Our goal is to provide all the information services that our customers want for their photos and videos. Enabling their interaction with other providers is fine with us because we earn our money through our subscriptions. Essentially, Phanfare becomes your console from which you can consume other services and get universal access to your media. Or as they say in computer science: every problem can be solved with one additional level of indirection.

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