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Link New Phanfare Release

We just released new versions of Phanfare for the Mac and PC along with some changes to the web albums. Album sections are here. This has been a long-requested feature. You can now break up a big album into smaller sections. For example, a trip to Europe can be broken up by city. Redeye removal [...]

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Link Phanfare’s synching technology

We just got back from the Under the Radar conference in Mountain View where we demonstrated Phanfare’s technology for synching your photos and videos to your own Phanfare website (we like to call it zero-click web publishing). With Phanfare you can download the Phanfare organizer to multiple computers and organize your media from any of [...]

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Link 10 Really Cool Features of Phanfare

We are power users of Phanfare and tend to assume that all of you are too. But there are ten great features that many folks don’t realize we have. Versioning of images. When you edit an image, we keep the original around so you can always revert to it in the future if you don’t [...]

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