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A few months ago, we started playing your videos in an even bigger and higher quality way. We brought up the bitrate to a whopping 1 megabit/second. It was a great improvement…for most of you. Unfortunately, if you’re still stuck with a slow Internet connection or an older PC, playback may have been a little choppy. No more. Now, we create multiple renditions of videos and automatically serve up the one that will provide your visitors with the optimal viewing experience. It’s going to take a few weeks to convert all of the videos that we’re hosting, so you may not see the changes right away. But keep an eye out.

How does it work? When you first view a Phanfare album we test your connection and your cpu speed and set your preferred video bitrate. You will see the largest version of the video that can be shown without the video stalling or stuttering. The same setting applies to your slideshows too, so those should be smoother.

With this change, Phanfare now keeps 5 versions of every video you give us: An archival DVD-quality original, available for download off your Phanfare site, and four Flash renditions varying from 1 megabit/second to 250 kilobits second. This means that Phanfare videos will stream over fast cell phone networks like EvDO while still providing the best possible experience for viewers using fast broadband networks.
Keeping an archival version of every video is a critical differentiator. It means that we can go back and re-encode your video as technology changes. Without those archival videos we would not have been able to release this new feature of doing multiple web-streaming versions of your video.

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