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Link Open public albums are back!

By popular demand, we have put open public albums back into the Phanfare service in a release that went out today. This means that you can publish your albums for all to see at a URL that you can send via email or put on a web page. We did this as a result of [...]

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Link Major overhaul to our web client

We have made some improvements to the Phanfare service. The big news is that we have significantly reduced the gap between the web client of Phanfare and the downloadable clients for managing your account. This will allow you to most everything you need to do from the web (viewing has always been on the web). [...]

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Link Show Phanfare Slideshows on your Living Room TV

I am excited to announce the availability of the Phanfare Media Server for Phanfare 2.0, a small program that runs on your PC to publish your Phanfare photos within your home network. The new Playstation III supports UPnP viewing of your photos, as does the Xbox 360. There is also a digital picture frame on [...]

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Link Phanfare facebook app

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Phanfare facebook app. Once you install the app within your facebook account you can Show your Phanfare photos and video albums to your facebook friends. Choose whether to show your Phanfare friend content and/or your Phanfare family content. Have your recent albums appear on your facebook [...]

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