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Link Phanfare facebook app

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Phanfare facebook app. Once you install the app within your facebook account you can

  • Show your Phanfare photos and video albums to your facebook friends.
  • Choose whether to show your Phanfare friend content and/or your Phanfare family content.
  • Have your recent albums appear on your facebook profile
  • Have facebook friends click through to see any particular album or all your albums.

You must be a Phanfare 2.0 registered user to use the facebook app, but you do not need a Phanfare account to view Phanfare content on facebook.

We have always been about not holding your data hostage at Phanfare and the the facebook app is just one more way that you can share your photos and videos.

Personally, I have my Phanfare friend content published to my facebook account but my family content is not. I use Phanfare to connect with my close-in friends. At facebook, I have a wider set of old friends and acquaintances.

The Phanfare app is brand new and still has not gone through the facebook review process. Hence, it is not published in the app directory. You can install it by clicking on the Phanfare facebook about about page and adding the app. You will need to be logged into facebook.

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  • Derek

    Nice work!!!!!!!! I was about ready to leave! This is a great move to get a Facebook app. Typically pictures are probably the most interesting thing I use on someone’s Facebook account.

  • ClubPenguinCheats

    Typically pictures are probably the most interesting thing I use on someone's Facebook account.

  • Maiden Name

    Wonderful feature! Now I could brag about my photos to my friends, and show them the true person behind the social network name and avatar.

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