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Link Import from Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak and Picasa Web Albums

We just released a new version of Phanfare that enables more inputs and outputs so you can access your media any way you want on any device you want.

  • Import from Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak, and Picasa web albums directly into your Phanfare account.
  • Export from iPhoto to the Phanfare service using our new iPhoto plugin.
  • Improved iPhone viewing experience. Just browse to Phanfare using Safari on the iPhone.
  • RSS feeds to follow your Phanfare messages using iGoogle, MyYahoo, Google Reader and similar services.
  • Media RSS feeds to show your albums on digital photo frames.
  • Album viewing pages now have links to album editing pages if you are the owner of the album.
  • Numerous bug fixes and small optimizations including support for Firefox 3.

As always, let us know at support @ or bugs @ if you have trouble using the service or want to report a bug.

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