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We are happy to announce that we have developed a camera application for the new iPhone store that allows users to share iPhone photos on the web with a single click. The photos are moved wirelessly to the internet where they are immediately visible to friends and family and archivally stored.

We have also released a new mobile viewing experience that targets the Safari web browser built into the iPhone.

Here is a demo of the new Phanfare iPhone application and the mobile viewing experience.

The Phanfare camera application turns the iPhone into a connected digital camera that takes the PC out of the loop for uploading and sharing. Users enjoy the convenience and portability of the iPhone with all the benefits of cloud-based storage and sharing. After you take a picture, you can instantly add a caption, add the photo to an existing album or create a new album without ever leaving the application. Here is a demonstration of the new iPhone app.

For consumers, digital photography was a huge step forward over film, but uploading digital photos to a computer is just too complicated. The Phanfare iPhone app gets the computer out of the uploading loop and makes digital photography significantly more convenient.

  • MissionPk

    Hi Andrew,

    Why embed a video about your new iPhone access using a format that can’t be viewed on an iPhone? :-)

    - Dave

    PS Great job! Really looking forward to the application.

  • Steven

    The integration of Phanfare with iPhoto still will do the trick for me most of the time, but the iPhone app will be cool if I want to share something immediately – like at an event.

    I am more interested in the iPhone optimized version of so I can browse, display, share my Phanfare media – will video be available? I know iPhone doesn’t support Flash, but does support other video types.

    Also when do you expect this all to be available? I just browsed to Phanfare on my iPhone and the interface looked the same. Will the iPhone app will come out when the iPhone app store is launched?

    Thanks and good stuff.


  • Steven

    Just saw the TechCrunch coverage on the new iPhone apps, including Phanfare. Congrats. :-)

  • Andrew Erlichson

    You need to go to right now if you want to browse your content on the iPhone. sometime tomorrow we will put a redirect in so that it automatically redirects to the iPhone version.

    No video support, yet. We encode to Flash 7. Once we encode to h.264, video will be a natural. Stay tuned.

  • Andrew Erlichson

    Update: If you browse to with Safari on an iPhone, we now redirect to the iPhone specific version.

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  • ClubPenguinCheats

    I just browsed to Phanfare on my iPhone and the interface looked the same. Will the iPhone app will come out when the iPhone app store is launched?

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