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Link Phanfare iPhone App Rebuilt – Better, Stronger, Faster

We released a new version of the Phanfare iPhone app to the iPhone App Store. This new release offers several new features and other improvements. See your published albums from within the app. This embeds a web view that will show you your own published content and published content from friends, family and groups. The [...]

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Link Surviving an Amazon S3 outage

We use Amazon S3 to store our 80 terabytes of photos and videos. We like the service and it works well. Yesterday, it went down for nearly 8 hours. And during that time, we were mostly up. Cloud computing is all the rage, but sometimes, the weather is really bad and you can’t see the [...]

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Link Why the iPhone Matters

My co-founder Mark Heinrich and I have long wondered why consumers buy personal computers. It’s not like they are particularly well designed or easy to use. They are complicated to configure, hard to maintain and a source of great frustration. As products, they are poorly designed and remind me of the early automobiles, which required [...]

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Link iPhone vs. Blackberry, Part II

Just about a year go, I wrote about whether my first generation iPhone could replace my Blackberry. My conclusion at the time was no. Now one year later, I have taken the plunge and moved my 11-year Verizon number to my new 3G iPhone. I did it because I love photography and the new Phanfare [...]

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Link iPhones for Everyone! (ok, just Phanfare Employees)

We braved the masses of Apple fanboys today to get new 3G iPhones for all Phanfare employees. We don’t normally participate in mass hysteria events but we were so excited about the release of the Phanfare app for the iPhone that we could not help ourselves. We arrived at 7am at the Menlo Park Mall [...]

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Link Phanfare iPhone app is now available

I am happy to announce that the Phanfare iPhone app is now available. The Phanfare iPhone app turns your iPhone into a wireless camera. The convenience of being able to shoot photos with a device that is nearly always in your pocket and have them incorporated seamlessly into your permanent online photos albums is hard [...]

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Link A cautionary tale about maintaining data at home

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I rely on Phanfare to safeguard my photos and videos. They live happily in the cloud, in their original sizes and quality and I access them from wherever I need. I strongly believe in cloud computing. I think personal computers (Windows and Mac OS) are difficult [...]

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