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Link Phanfare iPhone App Rebuilt – Better, Stronger, Faster

We released a new version of the Phanfare iPhone app to the iPhone App Store. This new release offers several new features and other improvements.

  • See your published albums from within the app. This embeds a web view that will show you your own published content and published content from friends, family and groups. The web view does not show your private content, except that if you take photos on the phone, we do link to a private web view of that album for your convenience.
  • Import from existing camera albums, limited to 640×480 resolution, which is what the Apple-approved interfaces give us today. We are hoping Apple addresses this in a future release.
  • Faster image capture. We shaved 7 seconds off the shot to shot time.
  • Power management features: You can set the app to only upload when on WiFi, greatly increasing your battery life.

This is the view you see after the photo is taken. If you caption it and use it, it is sent in the background to your account. You can change which album it is uploaded to, or add a new album.

Here we are composing a new image while another image uploads in the background.

This is the web view of your albums, embedded within the app. You can get to the photos of your friends and family as well.

We need feedback on the app! Let us know what you think and what you want it to do. We have our own agenda but we want to hear your ideas.

You don’t need a 3G iPhone to use the Phanfare app. Update any original iPhone to Apple’s 2.0 phone software and you are on your way.

Once you start using your iPhone to take photos and automatically upload in the background, you won’t go back.

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  • BackupFan

    Unfortunately the App Store considers this is a new application and not an upgrade i.e. it installs a second Phanfare application with a different icon. No user settings or data is saved over to the new application.

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  • Andrew Erlichson

    The original app (in the store from July 11th to July 15th) was removed from the app store because it used a non-public camera framework. Hence, the new app is not considered an upgrade to that app. Note that the original app has a very snappy camera acquire time (and a cool cyclon style shutter effect). This new app has more features than the original app, but the acquire time is longer. We are hoping that future updates to the iPhone will make acquire time faster.

  • Andrew Erlichson

    Just to get the story totally straight. This is our third version of the Phanfare app for iPhone. The first was fast shutter, later pulled. The second version had the power management features, a bare bones UI and removed a couple of features (we rushed to get it out when the previous app was removed). This version adds back all features removed in the second version and new features. Complicated enough? going forward you will see updates in the App Store. If you have the original version, you can keep it our delete it. It can sit side by side with the new app.

  • Alan

    New version is much snappier. Nice job!

    It did not show up as an available update on the iPhone. I had to uninstall Phanfare and then download again to my iPhone.

    Looking forward to further upgrades.


  • Ash

    Just to note that your app crashes consistently when taking a pic, under the iphone firmware v. 2.0.1. The only way I can use it is to take a pic using the iphone camera and then import it. But that kills the resolution.

    Is this a known problem ? Because I have seen other reviewers complain about it as well on iTunes.

  • Andrew Erlichson

    The issues are mostly with the OS and slightly with our SW. There is a small memory leak in the app (new one already submitted to Apple, awaiting review). If you turn the phone off and on, the app begins to work again, which is pretty much proof-positive that the problem is with the OS, not our app.

    Apple has said that they are aware of the problem and plans a september OS release to fix it. It was reported in apple insider today.

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