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Link Tinkering with market forces is rarely a good idea

In economics 101 you learn that when you interfere with market forces, you disturb the delicate balance of the market. Rent price control creates shortages and diminishes the incentives to renovation apartments; the careful control of the number of medallion taxes and the prices they can charge creates imbalances where there are sometimes a slew [...]

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Link My iPhone 3G finally arrived!

After months of carrying around an iPhone 3G with the 3G turned off because the battery only lasted until 2pm, I eagerly installed the 2.1 iPhone firmware on friday hoping that the tantalizing tidbit in the release notes that battery life might be increased for “some users” would apply to me. Since then, I have [...]

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Link Geotagging comes to Phanfare

We are pleased to announce the introduction of Geotagging support within Phanfare so that you know where photos were taken. Phanfare records the GPS coordinates of any photo with GPS information in the EXIF header. The process is fully automatic and compatible with cameras that support geotagging of images (such as the iPhone) and with [...]

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