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Link Viewing Phanfare without an iPhone

As faithful readers of this blog know, we have been focused on delivering a next generation photography and video experience on the iPhone. But of course, most people don’t have iPhones (yet). They do have a variety of cell phones ranging from competent smartphones like the Blackberry, feature phones like the LG Dare and basic [...]

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Link Our cool new photo books

We just introduced a photo book product that we are pretty proud of both in terms of the quality of the book itself and the software that is used to configure it. We are selling 8×8 and 12×12 inch books on 100 weight glossy paper, with wrapped photo covers. The binding is side stitched (sewn), [...]

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Link Why do we take photos and videos

David Pogue of the NY times tackled a subject near and dear to my heart recently: Why do we shoot photos and videos. I come out approximately where he did. That you do it for yourself, and the hope that maybe somebody might be interested in seeing the media in the future. And it is [...]

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Link Outage post-mortem

A module on an network switch connecting our servers to the internet failed at 950pm EST. After several attempts to get the switch to operate normally, the switch module was replaced. Phanfare was available at 10:59pm, Upon analysis, we could have avoided downtown by further replicating some of our network and firewall infrastructure to provide [...]

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Link Phanfare Phacts

We had an outage tonight for about an hour. We don’t yet know exactly what went on, but it looks like a network outage at the datacenter level at our Somerset, NJ datacenter. Technically, Phanfare was not down; the servers were just hard to reach – as in, impossible. On the bright side, they were [...]

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Link Phanfare iPhone app now allows you to manage your collection

We just released a new version of the Phanfare iPhone app that brings rudimentary album and image management to the palm of your hand. From the app you can now: Edit the album name, description and sharing settings Add or edit image captions Save a photo to the iPhone camera roll assign a photo to [...]

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