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Link Phanfare iPhone app now allows you to manage your collection

We just released a new version of the Phanfare iPhone app that brings rudimentary album and image management to the palm of your hand. From the app you can now:

  • Edit the album name, description and sharing settings
  • Add or edit image captions
  • Save a photo to the iPhone camera roll
  • assign a photo to someone in your iPhone address book
  • Email a photo
  • Delete a photo

With the iPhone app you can take your entire photo and video collection on the go, wirelessly synchronized to your iPhone. You can also shoot photos with the iPhone and upload them in the background to your Phanfare site.

The Phanfare iPhone app works on the iPod touch as well as the iPhone. On the touch you can’t shoot photos, since there is no camera, but the viewing experience is just as good.

Once your photos and videos are wirelessly synchronized to your iPhone, you can show them even when there is no network connection present.

  • Will

    “assign a photo to someone in your iPhone address book”

    What does this mean? I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t just give it a try and figure it out, unfortunately.

  • Will

    Hmm… upon further thought… my question seems kinda stupid. Does it just mean that you can choose a photo to be associated with an address book contact?

    Example: You take a picture of your friend Steve. Then you assign that photo to Steve’s address book listing in you iPhone so that that photo is now associated with him when you view his address book listing or receive a call or send him email or whatever. Is that right?

    Maybe you guys should install some kind of Gmail Goggles system to prevent stupid posts like my earlier one in the future.

  • Andrew Erlichson

    Yes, you have it right. The address book on the iphone has space for a photo for a person and you can assign the photo from phanfare. Interestingly, if you use MS Exchange with your iphone, the photo is wirelessly synched to your desktop too and appears in outlook in the contact. Of course, the real magic is that when you receive a call from a person, their photo pops up on the phone.

  • Scott B

    Are there any plans for development of a phanfare app for blackberrys (now that they have the storm coming out this week)?

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