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We had an outage tonight for about an hour. We don’t yet know exactly what went on, but it looks like a network outage at the datacenter level at our Somerset, NJ datacenter.

Technically, Phanfare was not down; the servers were just hard to reach – as in, impossible. ;-) On the bright side, they were fast and responsive during that time period, if you had a laptop and a parka (its pretty cold in the datacenter, which is where your laptop would need to be plugged in to reach the servers).

We should know more soon and will figure out how to avoid this in the future.

Next topic: some of you *may* have noticed two strange phanfare phacts in the last two days:

  • Video conversion is kinda slow. We realized at the beginning of this week that videos converted last week were converted in a way that prevented them from playing on the iPhone. So, we are reconverting all the videos from the archival renditions that we maintain, forever and ever, amen. That is slowing the queue a bit. Should be over in a few days
  • You may be seeing some really old albums on your dashbaord in the section on the left that usually shows recently modified albums (using a recently-modified date that is otherwise invisible to you). Since this is glasnost November, we are also fixing a bunch of small problems with image renditions from old bugs. Problems like, some images had height and with of zero in our database. Again, because we have the original images, we get a second bite at the apple and fix stuff like this.

You can see, i am a little punchy tonight.

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