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Link Viewing Phanfare without an iPhone

As faithful readers of this blog know, we have been focused on delivering a next generation photography and video experience on the iPhone. But of course, most people don’t have iPhones (yet). They do have a variety of cell phones ranging from competent smartphones like the Blackberry, feature phones like the LG Dare and basic cell phones like the Motorola Razr.

For all those folks, we now offer a rudimentary mobile viewing experience for your photos (no video). You won’t mistake it for what we offer on the iPhone. On the iPhone, you can download Phanfare Photon to view and manage your collection or view in the Safari browser.

If you are an avid Phanfare Phan, please try our new mobile viewing experience. You should just be able to navigate to but if have trouble with that, navigate to

  • M

    On the mobile site for Phanfare ( you spell browser wrong! You have brower, instead of browser.

    Just letting you know!

    And…question…will there ever be a client for Windows Mobile?


  • Andrew Erlichson

    No plans for an app for windows mobile today but you can view using this new mobile viewing experience, and IE is pretty competent on windows mobile for all sites.

  • Dual Sim Mobile Phones

    great post

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