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Link Initial impressions of the Panasonic LX3

I have been in search of a compact camera that offers some of the creative control and low light performance of my digital SLR. DP Review recently reviewed a bunch of cameras in this category and gave high marks to the Panasonic LX3. I got one yesterday and took it for a spin in a [...]

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Link Just in time for the holidays – Fullscreen video arrives at Phanfare

I am happy to announce that we now show video fullscreen when you play Phanfare slideshows. Fullscreen video is a popular feature request. We debated for a while whether to offer this feature because the video must be stretched and hence will be pixelated. But the consensus is that full screen video is more immersive [...]

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Link Quantity discounts on cards plus free shipping

This is the first year we are selling holiday cards and photo books and we are still feeling our way a bit. Some of our old-time customers told us that it was very typical to offer quantity discounts on cards. We had not considered doing so because as rational engineers we know that our costs [...]

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Link Phanfare Photon for iPhone now helps you along

We did a small release of the Phanfare Photon app for the iPhone and iPod touch that shows help screens and and allows you to add albums from the main play screen. There are also a few bug fixes. The help screens are designed to guide new users through the process of creating albums, adding [...]

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