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Link Quantity discounts on cards plus free shipping

This is the first year we are selling holiday cards and photo books and we are still feeling our way a bit. Some of our old-time customers told us that it was very typical to offer quantity discounts on cards. We had not considered doing so because as rational engineers we know that our costs are actually fairly linear with respect to card quantity.

Nevertheless, we looked around the competitive landscape and now realize that these discounts are completely standard. So, we got with the program and now offer significant discounts on cards depending on the quantity ordered.

We are also running a promotion until this Sunday, December 7th for free ground shipping on card orders over $50. US shipments only. We truly hope that some of you will give our new cards a try. We designed most of the cards for 2008 so you will see a lot of fresh stuff in our collection.

  • Chris

    Although we found the cards a bit pricey, we ordered our holiday cards from Phanfare for two reasons – we loved the flexbility of adding multiple pictures in various locations and we’ve been Phanfare users for over two years and want to show our support. Please keep evolving the platform!

  • Andrew Erlichson

    Thanks for your support. We tried to match the industry pricing and offer the same quantity discounts that others do. We don’t run quite as many promotions as the big players who make you feel like an idiot if you buy without a promotion.

    We also have a high quality product and what amounts to a satisfaction guaranteed return or reprint policy.

    But we do appreciate when our customer choose to buy cards from us. The truth is that the margin on these products is better than our core storage offering. We make it so easy to upload data to Phanfare that the average paid Phanfare user has over 10GB of online data!

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