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Link Major new release of Phanfare Photon for the iPhone

A new Phanfare Photon update just hit the app store that adds some great features that we are really proud of: Musical slideshows Image editing including Sepia, Black and White and Auto Levels, and the ability to revert to the original image Much improved import from the local rolls on the phone. You can select [...]

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Link Garmin disrupted by the iPhone

The iPhone has GPS built in with maps from google. That probably has Garmin worrying, but the truth is that the iPhone does not work all that well for street by street driving directions that it is replacing a Nuvi for most road warriors or busy moms. The Garmin device is cheaper to own (no [...]

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Link Phanfare Geekazine Interview

Andy McCaskey interviewed me at CES talking about the Phanfare app. This was an e prelease version of the app and it was not perfectly behaved during the demo.

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Link PC Magazine Reviews Phanfare Photon

PC Magazine reviewed Phanfare Photon. The review is quite thorough and captures the essence of what we are trying to accomplish on the mobile platform.

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Link New Phanfare mac client out

We released a new version of the Phanfare mac client that fixes the jumping bug. Apple changed their NSTreeController selection binding update behavior in the 10.5.6 update, causing selection focus to move seemingly randomly between albums. We fixed it, tested it on 10.5.6 and on 10.4. Sorry it took so long for us to fix [...]

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Link USA Today article on Phanfare Photon

USA today covered our Phanfare Photon app in today’s print and online editions. The article talks about our belief that the iPhone is disruptive technology to the digital photography market. Phanfare Photon combines our industrial-strength cloud-based photo and video sharing service with the convenience of management and viewing of your whole collection from a mobile [...]

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Link Per-album RSS feeds now supported

Phanfare now supports per-album RSS feeds, useful if you want put a particular album on a photo frame, versus have all your personal content appear. Kodak’s W1020 and W820 frames support Phanfare’s per-album RSS feed through Frame Channel. We have test both the frames. Framechannel is based on RSS feeds. The process goes something like [...]

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Link Initial impressions of the Canon 5D Mark II

I got my Canon 5D Mark II last week and have taken it through its paces. I don’t feel like I fully understand all the new features and options in the camera yet, but I do have some first impressions. Video is by far the most exciting feature of the new camera for me. I [...]

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Link Interesting photos of the incoming Obama Team

The NY Times took portraits of the incoming Obama team. They are inspiring photos and remind me how interesting still photography can be.

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Link Obama’s cell phone

Yesterday, I evaluated whether the iPhone is worthy of mission-critical use relative the Blackberry. Apparently, the network congestion issue has been separately addressed by government and is discussed in this CNET article.

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