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Link Major new release of Phanfare Photon for the iPhone

A new Phanfare Photon update just hit the app store that adds some great features that we are really proud of:

  • Musical slideshows
  • Image editing including Sepia, Black and White and Auto Levels, and the ability to revert to the original image
  • Much improved import from the local rolls on the phone. You can select multiple images at once and the speed is better.
  • Ability to set the music for a slideshow
  • Friend and Family content is now cached on the phone (works in airplane mode)
  • More features are available in airplane mode. Photon will synch when it next sees a network.
  • Image stabilization for the camera
  • Self timer for the camera, great for taking photos that you are in.
  • Tap anywhere for the camera, also helpful for self-portraits

With this version of Phanfare Photon, our vision of creating the wireless camera of the future is starting to come together.

Enjoy the release and leave any features that you would like to see added in the comments below.

Here is a video of some of the new features.

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