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Link Is the iPhone a business-class device?

One of my readers asked the following question when thinking about a Nokia phone versus an iPhone. The OS is ugly – I agree. The question is (and I know your love of Blackberry) one of purpose. In your opinion, is the iPhone a business class phone? Is beauty the be-all end all of mobile [...]

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Link Other CES Impressions

Before CES completely fades into the hazy distant memory, I wanted to document a few of my impressions. The two least interesting booths for me were Intel and Microsoft. The Microsoft booth was showcasing Windows 7 (see my earlier post), a bunch of Zunes (does it respond to touch? no..move on) and MS Office. Yawn. [...]

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Link The future of consumer computing

I have long believed that the personal computer, as exemplified by a machine running Windows or the Mac OS is the wrong solution for consumers. The PC is too hard to maintain and exposes too much of its internal working to the consumer. A user is forced to think about the memory hierarchy (disk versus [...]

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Link Taxicab confessions at CES

Last week when Mark Heinrich and I were at CES, we chatted up a lot of cab drivers about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The consensus is that the CES is way down this year in terms of people. One cab driver speculated that while most of the companies came to the show [...]

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Link Interview with Jefferson Graham at USA today

I spoke with Jefferson Graham at USA today from the floor of CES. I showed him Phanfare Photon for the iPhone and talked about our vision for mobile photography. If you are a Phanfare customer at CES, feel free to email me at and we can meetup on the show floor.

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Link Phanfare Photon now shows all your stuff

A new version of Phanfare Photon, our industrial-strength photo and video sharing solution for the iPhone, is out today. New features in include: Delete an album by swiping across it Hidden images are shown with an hidden-indicator in thumbs view Upload progress of each image is shown underneath the thumb using the same little blue [...]

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