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Link Phanfare Photon now shows all your stuff

A new version of Phanfare Photon, our industrial-strength photo and video sharing solution for the iPhone, is out today. New features in include:

  • Delete an album by swiping across it
  • Hidden images are shown with an hidden-indicator in thumbs view
  • Upload progress of each image is shown underneath the thumb using the same little blue progress part that installing apps uses.
  • You can see all your albums by fetching 25 more at a time. Once, fetched, they are there on the phone.
  • Phanfare Photon new prefetches new albums so you don’t need to browse to each one to have it be there when offline.

This version is also re-built from the ground up to provide more scalability and robustness. That is actually the largest difference to this version, but it will enable rapid development of new features going forward.

We have our own roadmap for Phanfare Photon, but I would love to hear from the community what you would like to see it do. I am also interested in knowing how useful you would find us implementing Facebook Connect. With facebook connect you would be able to login to Phanfare using your facebook credentials and potentially your facebook friends could see your content on Phanfare without having to be your friend on Phanfare.

  • Will

    Wow! Facebook Connect sounds really cool! Any specific ideas you’re willing to share about how this would work?

    It seems to me that the single most obvious feature this would allow is the fine-grained access-control lists that many (like me) have been asking for. I want this! Seeing as just about all my friends are on Facebook and sharing pictures that way anyway… it would be nice to be more heavily integrated with that.

    And as it is, I’m basically just using the social-networking stuff on Phanfare to re-create (in abbreviated form) my network on FB, so it might as well be on FB entirely.

    However… the absolute #1 thing I’d like to see from this (if possible at all) would be to somehow easily bring Phanfare images into facebook so they could be tagged in FB.

    Andrew, I agree with what you’ve said in the forums lately, that Phanfare should be the place where our photos and videos live, and they should be usable and accessible wherever we want them. I think linking our accounts with facebook is a great step in that direction.

  • JB Haber

    Just downloaded the upgraded Photon! It looks great. This is my favorite iPhone app. It allows me, as a photographer, to really show off my stuff! It’s EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Now I can carry my photos everywhere, and there’s no extra effort. No syncing, etc. THANKS.

    Is there way to zoom in on the photos!

  • Rich DeAugustinis

    I will second just about everything that Will mentioned above. FB connect integration would be helpful for login, but deeper and more transparent integration overall is the real destination. Keep up the good work on Phanfare and Photon! Thanks.

  • Chris Fischer

    I'd like some kind of working Phanfare to Facebook connection…..mine has been broken for almost a month now and no one has any idea why. I'm not sure I can appreciate what you're proposing new or different in this post wrt Facebook Connect.

  • erlichson

    We are aware that some users are unable to to get the phanfare app for facebook working, however, we believe the problem is on the facebook side. in the cases where it does not work, we are able to associate the same phanfare account with other facebook accounts.

    we are not sure the current facebook integration makes the most sense. we would like to implement a way to push select photos, videos and albums to facebook from phanfare so that your friends can tag stuff and comment. as it works today, your phanfare content is pushed into your newsfeed as an external link from facebook to phanfare. while it does work for most people, it does not bring the content fully into the facebook ecoystem.

  • Andrew Erlichson

    testing posting comments using my faceboin identity using facebook connect

  • Alexa

    Would love to have Facebook Connect as an option b/c I can't keep asking folks to be a “friend” on multiple websites! The connection now seems to come and go – and often I have to manually add the link to Phanfare (an “Everyone” page) or duplicate by adding the same photos to Phanfare and Facebook.

    Now, of course, after yesterday and Apple's iLife '09 announcement that iPhoto '09 will have facial recognition that ties into to Facebook tagging, I'm even more likely to want to link all of that together. And, of course, the follow up question is going to be whether Phanfare can additionally pull in the tagged info or keywords. Otherwise, I'm still going to have to go iPhoto to FB directly to keep all that.

    Love Phanfare Photon on my iPod Touch! Any change you're going to make the option to keep my “hidden” photos actually hidden soon? I still have those scattered through and don't enjoy having to speed along if showing someone pics on my Touch as the hidden photos show up along with every other photo. Would work if you had some sort of “slideshow” choice instead of just seeing the actual albums as I understand some people want to see all of the images, whether viewable or not. Or, just give me the option in my Settings?


    p.s. the iTunes DRM-free move was great news for Phanfare users – now it will be so much easier to upload that music to Phanfare!

  • erlichson

    Yes, we plan to allow you to suppress hidden images, hidden videos and private albums when viewing in Phanfare Photon. We realize this is needed.

    As for the facebook connect idea, the idea is to allow fb friends to see phanfare content without being connected to you on phanfare.

  • Jon

    Is there way to zoom in on the photos!

  • erlichson

    not today, but stay tuned.

  • Jon

    Is there way to zoom in on the photos!

  • erlichson

    not today, but stay tuned.

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