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Link USA Today article on Phanfare Photon

USA today covered our Phanfare Photon app in today’s print and online editions.

The article talks about our belief that the iPhone is disruptive technology to the digital photography market. Phanfare Photon combines our industrial-strength cloud-based photo and video sharing service with the convenience of management and viewing of your whole collection from a mobile device.

We know that the iPhone is not quite there yet for acquisition of photos (and you can’t take a video) but these problems are easily solved, as many companies know how to make small form factor cameras that are awesome.

I take most of my photos with a traditional point and shoot camera or DSLR, but having my whole collection wirelessly synced is a great convenience. I hardly ever tether my iPhone. My email, contacts and address book come over the air via ActiveSync to our Exchange server. My photos and videos come over the air via Phanfare.

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