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Link Send photos from Phanfare to facebook on your iPhone

You can now send photos directly to facebook from your Phanfare account using Phanfare Photon on the iPhone. This facility mirrors the feature for facebook transfer already available on the web. How it works Launch Phanfare Photon on the iPhone, navigate to any album in your whole collection, then click on the send-to-facebook button. You [...]

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Link The iPhone as a GPS logger

Engadget ran a rumor today that Apple may be interested in turning the iPhone 3G into a GPS logger. These devices are not new. You can buy a GPS logger from Amazon today for under $100.. The way they these devices work is by logging where you are at any given point in time. Then, [...]

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Link Send photos directly to facebook with new Phanfare facebook app

We just improved the integration between facebook and Phanfare. You can now select photos from within an album and publish them directly to facebook. This action will copy the photos to a new facebook album, allowing your friends and family to tag or comment within facebook. Previously, the facebook Phanfare app would only post external [...]

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Link Google releases sync, makes it possible for us to move to Google Apps, ditch Windows

Google announced wireless syncing support for the iPhone through ActiveSync, which makes googles calendar, email and address book look like an exchange server from the standpoint of the iPhone. This is significant and here is why. We use iPhones and we want wireless sync. Until now, there were two solutions for this: MobileMe and Microsoft [...]

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Link Big discount for Phanfare users for Eye-Fi cards

Phanfare and Eye-Fi have teamed up to offer significant discounts on Eye-Fi wireless memory cards. Phanfare users can get $30 off their Anniversary Edition, Explore, Share and Home cards. Goto for details. The Eye-Fi wireless memory card is a SD memory card that looks like any other SD memory card, except that it has [...]

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Link Cache Coherency in the face of flaky networks and sudden shutdowns

When I was at Ph.D. student at Stanford, we researched hardware cache coherency for multiprocessing. In these environments, network messages are not lost and the components do not fail or shutdown unexpectedly. You would think that when building a caching client that works in offline mode for the web, that you could apply this knowledge. [...]

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Link Twitter and Facebook status messages have diverged

Twitter started as a way to keep in touch with your friends using SMS. You can see the vestigial signs of that because twitter has features that allow you to authorize each person who requests to follow you. Twitter’s main page when you login says “what are you doing?” reinforcing that orientation. But at this [...]

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Link ReadWriteWeb reviews Phanfare Photon

Frederic Lardinois at ReadWriteWeb writes that Phanfare Photon is “currently the best photo sharing and photo management app on the iPhone.” Here is another excerpt: At its core, Photon is the easiest way to browse through all of your photo albums on the iPhone. Thanks to the Phanfare desktop app and plugins for most of [...]

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Link Underdogs drive innovation

The innovator’s dilemma is that when you are an established player, listening to your best customers results in dismissing the disruptive technology that will eventually lead to your undoing. When I worked at SGI, our best customers were not asking for low-end cheap PC card graphics. But every year those Nvidia and ATI cards got [...]

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