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Link Big discount for Phanfare users for Eye-Fi cards

Phanfare and Eye-Fi have teamed up to offer significant discounts on Eye-Fi wireless memory cards. Phanfare users can get $30 off their Anniversary Edition, Explore, Share and Home cards. Goto for details.

The Eye-Fi wireless memory card is a SD memory card that looks like any other SD memory card, except that it has built in Wi-Fi and can automatically transfer your photos to Phanfare in the background.

You can also setup the card to simultaneously transfer your images to your home computer. What makes Phanfare+Eye-Fi so interesting is that we are an archival photo and video sharing service. Hence, you can setup Eye-Fi to only transfer images to Phanfare and still get your fullsize original bits back whenever you want.

Here is a suggested workflow: Setup the Eye-Fi card to transfer only to Phanfare, but setup your account at Eye-Fi to mark your albums private. Each day you take photos, Eye-Fi will create a new album at Phanfare with the album name being the day’s date. Then go in to Phanfare, change the name of the album to be something more creative, hide the photos not good enough to show to friends, and set the privileges on the album appropriately (friends/family). That’s it. You never need to attach your camera to your computer.

Once the photos are on Phanfare, you can share them however you want. You can share on facebook using our facebook application, or buy prints and photo books for friends directly from Phanfare. You can see your entirely collection wirelessly synchronized to your iPhone or iPod Touch using Phanfare Photon.

The Eye-Fi explore cards offers geotagging, giving you approximate coordinates for your photos by noting which Wi-Fi access point you are close to when shooting.

The Eye-Fi card is a great convenience. If you have been considering an Eye-Fi card, this new partnership offers a great opportunity to buy a card at a significant discount. Let me know your experiences in the comments.

  • Stephen I.

    Glad to read about the partnership! We use our 2 eye-fi cards and love it. The only downfall is that there is no option to auto-delete the images on the card. This means that you have to manually remove them from the SD card even though they've already been transferred. This is painful when trying to keep track of what images have been sent over, and what images are still waiting to go.

    I hope you can work with Eye-Fi on a protocol for letting them have the option to delete the image once you can verify you've received the image on phanfare.

  • erlichson

    I pointed your your comment to the Eye-Fi folks.

  • Ziv Gillat

    Thanks for the feedback. We've been asked for it before, but can go either way on this. Many consumers don't want their photos to be erased from their card, because they use their LCD as a photo album.

    That said, we may one day add it. We just can't pre-announce on our future roadmap.

    Thx –


  • Zach

    I love the eye-fi concept (especially the one with Geotagging); but we need bigger capacities! I shoot with a 12 megapixel camera and 2GB isn't enough. Any plans to go to 8GB or 16GB soon?

  • Darryl

    Andrew — is this deal over now? The link above shows prices that are the same as the regular store. Bummer — I really want to pre-order the 4GB Share Video, but would love a discount.

  • Pam

    how do we get this discount what is the code????

  • Maria

    what is the code????

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