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Link Recession Buster: Phanfare now offering really cheap prices on high-quality photo merchandise

I am pleased to announce that we are now offering Premium Phanfare members discounts of at least 30% off on photo books, cards and prints. This is not a time-limited offer. You get these prices on an ongoing basis. Access to our high quality merchandise makes our $54.95/year subscription price an even better deal. For [...]

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Link Facebook explodes, chases company 1/100th its size

OMG. Facebook just tossed their entire status/wall-to-wall semantics trying to “catch-up” with twitter. Wow. Not sure how this is going to work out for them. Facebook used to ask “what are you doing right now.” and then help me out with “Andrew is …” This was a pretty easy question to answer and it then [...]

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Link How Green is My Plug-In Hybrid?

IEEE has an article this month looking at whether or not plug-in hybrid cars are better or worse for the environment than regular hybrids. The results may surprise you!

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Link Kindle iPhone app is a great complement to the Kindle

Amazon recently released a Kindle iPhone app that allows you to read any book that you have purchased. You can use the app without owning a Kindle or in addition to the Kindle. Where the app really shines is using it in addition to the Kindle. Reading on the iPhone for long periods of time [...]

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