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Link Three cheers for facebook. They fixed the Phanfare newsfeed issue.

When facebook rolled out their twitterization, they inadvertently broke our ability to post photos from phanfare to facebook. After the rollout, the photos would go to a facebook’s user’s profile, but not generate a news story. Without a news story, pushing the photos was like a tree falling in the wilderness. Does it make a [...]

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Link Why the wireless carriers won’t permit Skype to work over 3G

I am in France this week vacationing with family. I tried the new Skype app to make phone calls back to the US from my iPhone. Works very well. The Skype app is restricted to WiFi only. Want to know why? Just do the math. I pay $30/month in the US for my unlimited data [...]

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Link Buy photographic prints from your iPhone using Phanfare Photon

Just returning from CTIA in Las Vegas where we announced that you can now buy prints from within Phanfare Photon using an iPhone or iPod touch. The update is available in the Apple App store now. We offer a full range of photographic print sizes, printed on matte or glossy paper. There is a shopping [...]

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