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Link Buy photographic prints from your iPhone using Phanfare Photon

Just returning from CTIA in Las Vegas where we announced that you can now buy prints from within Phanfare Photon using an iPhone or iPod touch. The update is available in the Apple App store now.

We offer a full range of photographic print sizes, printed on matte or glossy paper. There is a shopping cart built right into the app so you can checkout on the phone. Of, you can start the order on the phone and finish it on the web.

Phanfare is the first company to offer prints-by-mail from the iPhone. You are not limited to buying prints of photos taken from the iPhone. Since Phanfare Photon syncs all your photos to your phone, can buy prints of any image you like. We use the fullsize image to make the print.

Phanfare premium customers enjoy better pricing. For Premium customers, 4×6 prints are $.08. You can see our full price list here..

To make the process easier, you can use addresses out of your iPhone contacts and the credit card you have on file with Phanfare, if you have previously given us one either for a merchandise order or for premium membership.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the new printing features.

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