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Link Three cheers for facebook. They fixed the Phanfare newsfeed issue.

When facebook rolled out their twitterization, they inadvertently broke our ability to post photos from phanfare to facebook. After the rollout, the photos would go to a facebook’s user’s profile, but not generate a news story.

Without a news story, pushing the photos was like a tree falling in the wilderness. Does it make a sound? It doesn’t matter. Nobody would know if it did or didn’t.

I was pretty sad when facebook broke our transfer process. We had worked for weeks to create a great experience for Phanfare users to transfer select photos to facebook on demand, and we had invested that time hoping that facebook would keep the whole thing working.

I wondered whether facebook broke our integration (and others like it) by accident due to indifference or deliberate decision. It is fair to say that since the facebook application platform has launched about a year ago, facebook has gradually restricted apps more and more and backed away from that platform as it failed to help them monetize facebook and became a bit spammy.

So I was happy to see that they fixed the bugs in the newsfeed. Photos transferred from phanfare to facebook once again show up in the newsfeed of your facebook friends. Kudos to facebook to staying committed to being an open platform and investing their time and energy in supporting developers.

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