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Link Internet TV

There is an article in the WSJ today that talks about people cutting the cable cord and going with internet-based TV. Makes sense to me. But today it requires you have both a TV and another device that hooks up to the TV (Roku, Mac Mini, Mediacenter PC, etc). I expect that eventually TV will [...]

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Link Privacy – The Principle of least surprise

I commented on a blog that had issues with our privacy policy. I was surprised when I posted the comment that my face showed up next to the comment. No big deal. But since the blog is in the scott jones domain, I wondered how it had access to any photo of me. I did [...]

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Link Phanfare Photon 2.1: search your Phanfare collection

Phanfare Photon 2.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch has hit the Apple App store. This version includes search of your entire Phanfare account, especially important for large accounts. Here are a full list of improvements: Search Improved shot to shot time Camera extensions: Made self-timer, tap-anywhere and image stabilization persistent across shots by putting [...]

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Link Come over from the Dark Side

For all you Kodak refugees who are reeling from Kodak’s change of policy, requiring increased purchases of merchandise to continue getting “free” storage, Phanfare welcomes you into the light with fullsize images supported by the Phanfare-to-Kodak importer. To Kodak’s credit, they made fullsize images available to all members, recognizing that if they planned on deleting [...]

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Link Phanfare survey results

One of my goals for Phanfare is to be as transparent as possible with our customers. In that spirit, here are the results of our recent customer survey. We surveyed our paying customers and our free users. I am going to focus on the survey results of the paying customers in this post because they [...]

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