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Link New Phanfare release fixes some bugs

We did a quick release today that fixes some bugs in last week’s release: Links pushed to facebook using the Phanfare Facebook app are fixed Flash uploader now reads captions properly Bug where Phanfare did not allow you to authenticate to multiple Phanfare sites simultaneously is fixed Video from the 3Gs iPhone now converts properly. [...]

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Link DSLR Hunter – Find me a good setup for under $2000.

People often ask me what camera they should buy. If they want a DSLR, I tell them that Nikon and Canon both make great cameras and you can’t go wrong with either system. But personally, I shoot exclusively with Canon and have a big investment in Canon, so that is where I can give advice. [...]

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Link Transparency

One goal I have for Phanfare is to be as transparent as possible with our customers. When you entrust your photos and videos with a company, you want to know what is going on within the company. It’s a partnership between the company and the customers. In that spirit, here is some roadmap information so [...]

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Link Phanfare down for scheduled maintenance

This morning (Thursday, June 25th, 5am Eastern Daylight Savings Time) we are upgrading the Phanfare system. The major changes that you will see when we come back up are: New corporate home page and marketing pages Free accounts no longer offered to new people. New prospective Phanfare customers enter a 14-day free trial with no [...]

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Link We have not given up on social networking

Jefferson Graham wrote that we have given up on social networking. This is not exactly true. I believe that social networking is a very engaging way to share with friends. Facebook has excellent tools for keeping in touch with friends, especially distant friends (the weak link). But what I do believe is that it is [...]

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Link Simpler Site URLs and Site Passwords Coming (back) to Phanfare

The Phanfare customer survey results are in. An overwhelming majority of you want your own destination URL ( and optional site passwords. I am pleased to announce that we have overhauled the Phanfare tools to support simple web hosting of your photos and videos at This change will make it easier for you to [...]

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Link I love my new Verizon iPhone

I am traveling down Interstate 91 South in New Hampshire, returning from my 20th Dartmouth Reunion, enjoying pretty decent data access on my iPhone 3G, even though there is zero ATT service on this stretch of the road. I am getting a few hundred kilobits/second. Ok, there is one small detail I a left out. [...]

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Link Archiving and preserving digital photos and videos

I spoke at the Princeton public library yesterday on the topic of archiving and preserving digital photos. It was a good opportunity to take a step back and look at the alternatives from a consumer perspective. Here is a scorecard I created showing how three basic solutions for archiving photos and videos measure up. Keep [...]

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