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Link We have not given up on social networking

Jefferson Graham wrote that we have given up on social networking. This is not exactly true. I believe that social networking is a very engaging way to share with friends. Facebook has excellent tools for keeping in touch with friends, especially distant friends (the weak link).

But what I do believe is that it is not Phanfare’s role to provide the basic social networking infrastructure. That is best provided by facebook and hence, we have built conduits so that you can share your photos and videos on social networks, while securely archiving the originals at Phanfare.

At the same time, our customers, who tend to be photography enthusiasts, like having their own site. When you are sharing with an audience of people who may not all embrace social networking (grandma) or sharing with people who are not your friends (colleagues, etc), it is convenient to have your own site. Having your own site gives you a sense of ownership over your media. Rather than living as some node within some ecosystem, it is your real estate. And so we brought back the site hosting model that was originally our hallmark.

What we have given up on is trying to provide tools to social network within Phanfare. But that is more about how we approach integrating social networking concepts versus giving up on the genre. In fact, by integrating with facebook and flickr, Phanfare is much more social than it would be by itself. But I will say that Jeff’s headline is more catchy than: “Phanfare deprecates internal social networking infrastructure in favor of integrating with facebook and flickr.”

Our Phanfare facebook app is one of the most popular apps we have amongst our customers. Using the Phanfare facebook app, Phanfare customers can move an album of images (downsampled to facebook resolution) in one click. And once there, your facebook friends can comment on them and tag them.

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