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Link It’s official: Yahoo is a media company. Microsoft is a technology company

When Tim Koogle ran Yahoo he was sure that Yahoo was a media company. He taught the company how to be a media company by creating Yahoo Directors and Yahoo Producers. He understood that his job was to capture an audience by entertaining them and make money by selling access to that audience to advertisers. [...]

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Link Bill Gurley on Freemium

Bill Gurley weighed in recently with his thoughts on freemium. He argues that if a competitor can do what you do and offer it for free, then you have a problem. I think his argument follows naturally from Porter’s Competitive strategy and supports the notion that I hypothesized on in my freemium post, that Freemium [...]

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Link Pandora, the natural evolution of channel-based entertainment

Used to be, consumers watched mostly broadcast channels. The technology required that the media be broadcast (TV, Radio from terrestrial towers using a lot of spectrum to broadcast analog signals). Consumers like to be programmed. It allows you to sit back. Then came limited on-demand programming over proprietary cable networks and finally internet-based on demand [...]

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Link Ring one up for Porter and his theory on competitive strategy

Turns out that RIM and Apple collect 35% of the profits in the cell phone industry with only 3% of the cell phone unit volume according to a research report by Deutsche Bank analyst Brian Modoff, reported today in the Wall Street Journal (pay wall). The other big winner is Nokia with 55% of the [...]

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Link Do it yourself whole house sound

Whole house sound is awesome. It allows you to put music in your living room, in your family room and in your backyard. Great for parties. But systems to do whole house sound are pretty expensive, and their interfaces tend to be clunky. But wait, there is a better way. Using an iPhone or iPod [...]

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Link Is Microsoft really in trouble?

The conventional wisdom among the technology elites these days is that Microsoft’s time has passed. Microsoft’s big cash cows are Windows and Office. The thinking goes that Windows is made irrelevant by most applications moving to the web, which works equally well under all operating systems, and that Office is threatened by Google Docs and [...]

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Link Open Questions with the Apple Tablet

I believe Apple will do a tablet computer that has a virtual keyboard. The product will have approximately a 9 inch screen, be designed to sit on a kitchen counter, have a fold out back foot that will allow it stand up like a picture frame, and also be comfortable to use on a couch. [...]

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Link Chrome OS, where have I heard this tune before?

Lots of chatter in the news today about the new Chrome OS, a planned OS release by Google that includes the Chrome browser running on top of unix with some fixed up windowing system. Hmmm, Unix with a reworked windowing system and webkit-based browser…where have I seen this idea before? Apple OS X! That’s right, [...]

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Link Freemium did not work for Phanfare

Fred Wilson of Union Square Venture is a big proponent of the freemium business model on the internet. He recently reiterated that when it comes to delivering media on the net, freemium is a great way to go. Fred originally endorsed Freemium back in March of 2006. I have a tremendous amount of respect for [...]

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Link Phanfare merchandise prices are going up

This is hard post to write, because conventional wisdom is that you don’t announce price increases. But I feel like we are in partnership with our customers and I want to make you aware of what we are doing and why we are doing it. Over the last few years, we have added high quality [...]

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