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Link Introducing the Phanfare 50-50 Referral Program

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Phanfare 50-50 referral program. The Phanfare referral program rewards existing customers with Phanfare “store credit” when they refer new customers to Phanfare. New customers receive a discount of the same amount. It’s a 50-50 split of the bounty between the new and existing customers. Here [...]

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Link Apple responds to the FCC – 11.2 minutes to review an app

Apple responded to the FCC’s questions today about the rejection of Google Voice. It’s an interesting read, especially for Apple watchers like us. Apple loves secrecy and the letter is surprisingly open and forthright. The details of why the rejected Google Voice are not all that surprising and will certainly be discussed by everyone endlessly. [...]

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Link Praise for Phanfare Photon for the iPhone

We have had our app in the iPhone store for over a year now. The reviews have been consistently positive, although the average rating is only 2.5. Seems like 1/2 the people delete it from their phone, write no review, and give it 1 star. The other half of reviewers give it five stars or [...]

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Link Introducing the Phanfare Affiliate Program

We are pleased to introduce the Phanfare Affiliate Program. Under the affiliate program, publishers are paid commissions on sales for referring people who become Phanfare subscribers. Commissions start at a whopping 40%. The affiliate program is described pretty fully in the above link. But to get started, here is how it works: Read the details [...]

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Link Phanfare Photon update has hit the Apple App store

Wow, it’s been nearly three months since the last update to Phanfare Photon for the iPhone and iPod touch and hence this version has so much good stuff that there is not just one major feature. Here are the highlights: Video is now synchronized to the iPhone over the air and will play offline in [...]

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Link Introducing Phanfare Pro

I am pleased to announce the introduction of Phanfare Pro. Phanfare Pro is targeted at prosumers and professional photographers who want a fully customizable archival photo and video hosting solution. With Phanfare Pro you can: Create your own website of your photos and videos without Phanfare branding at Create up to 1000 subsites, each [...]

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