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Link Introducing the Phanfare 50-50 Referral Program

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Phanfare 50-50 referral program. The Phanfare referral program rewards existing customers with Phanfare “store credit” when they refer new customers to Phanfare. New customers receive a discount of the same amount. It’s a 50-50 split of the bounty between the new and existing customers. Here are the details:

  • A Phanfare customer who refers a new Phanfare Premium customer gets $10 in store credit. The new customer receives a $10 discount on their first year of Premium service, making the first year $39.99. Subsequent years are $49.99.
  • A Phanfare customer who refers a new Phanfare Pro customer gets $20 in store credit. The new customer receives a $20 discount on their first year of Premium service, making the first year $79.99. Subsequent years are $99.99.
  • You must be a paying Phanfare customer in good standing to receive the credit.
  • Store credit in your account is automatically applied to renewals. To use it for merchandise, you must explicitly choose to redeem the credit.
  • The new customer must use the email address that the existing customer has on file with Phanfare.
  • The new customer can put in an email address of an existing customer who referred them either at the time he signs up for trial or the time he puts in a credit card and signs up for the first year.
  • No limit to how much store credit you can earn.

The referral program has been a popular request among our customers for a while. We had one a few years back that was successful as well. We removed it when we tried out offering freemium because it made little sense. We are excited to be able to offer it again.

With the holiday season coming up in the fall, you can essentially earn your way to lots of high quality merchandise through this program. If you have not tried our books, this is a way to do so for free!

  • Bryon

    Why don't you offer this functionality on the site rather than having us depend upon the person we're referring enter our email address. Seems like a very lame method of referral. You should provide a form for us to enter our referral emails into and you send an invite… or at least give us a custom url to send to friends so that we get the referral.

    Have a look at how DropBox does theirs… they do a good job of it.

  • Loren

    Thanks so much for bringing back the unlimited storage plans! This was a huge selling point for me when I recommended Phanfare to potential customers (which I did often, and several of them are now customers).

  • michellesteffano

    I use a few different email addresses for different purposes and would love the capability of posting a link to my fb page, twitter, website or even email messages that would directly send customers to phanfare giving me the credit for the referral, instead of relying on them to use the same email address as I use to log into Phanfare.

  • erlichson

    We will work on also offering a referral code. you really want both. if your friend navigates to phanfare, all they are going to know is your email. but if they are following a link, then you want to be able to embed the code, and for that, you don't want it to be your email.

  • Darryl

    You can add alternate addresses to your Phanfare account. That's what I did because I don't want to give out my primary e-mail when I'm shilling for Phanfare. Here's the link to change that setting:

  • Annuity Buyouts


  • Eve

    I purchased a life-time membership several years ago. Previously, though I did recruit family members to Phanfare, the referral perk of “free phanfare time” was useless to me. This program actually adds incentive for me to refer people.

    However, 2 of the features which were big selling points for me and made me rave the most about the product to friends and family originally were (a) a lifetime membership option (now absent) and (b) the ability to share my photos with family without making them have a log-in — now that is back after an extended hiatus, but it is hard to win back their (and my) original enthusiasm.

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