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Link Introducing the Phanfare Affiliate Program

We are pleased to introduce the Phanfare Affiliate Program. Under the affiliate program, publishers are paid commissions on sales for referring people who become Phanfare subscribers. Commissions start at a whopping 40%.

The affiliate program is described pretty fully in the above link. But to get started, here is how it works:

  • Read the details of our program to make sure its a fit for you.
  • Become a publisher in the Commission Junction network if you are not already. This will also start your application to become a Phanfare Affiliate.
  • Get links and advertising creative from Commission Junction and deploy those.
  • When someone coming through one of your links becomes a Phanfare customer, you earn a commission, starting at 40% and going as high as 53%. When someone joins and becomes a Premium subscriber, you earn $20. When someone becomes a Pro subscriber, you earn $40.
  • You get checks directly from Commission Junction, who administers our affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing has evolved into two distinct channels over the years:

  • Traditional web publishers with traffic and pageviews. These publishers place Phanfare ads on their sites and get paid when the people clicking through subscribe to Phanfare.
  • Search marketers who buy traffic on Google and other search engines and redirect that traffic through affiliate links to earn commissions on sales.

We allow both types of affiliates. Our main restriction is that we don’t allow affiliates to bid on our trademark, our URL or misspellings of either.

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