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Link Phanfare introduces RAW support, Drop Box and more

What did we do over our summer vacation you ask? Make Phanfare better of course. We are excited to announce that today we introduced a bunch of improvements to Phanfare spanning all aspects of our system. Many of these were top items on the Spring survey. Welcome RAW files Over 70% of our customers own [...]

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Link TechCrunch fooled by Facebook into posting a false story about Facebook

TechCrunch was fooled today into posting a false story that facebook now offers faxing of photos. It’s a funny story and well executed by facebook. But it also made me wonder if this would not have been successful against the NY Times or another traditional media outlet with a solid reputation. After years of experience [...]

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Link Is Twitter replacing RSS?

This idea came to me by way of TechCrunch, which covered the movement of Feedburner founder Dick Costolo from Google to Twitter. In the article, Mike Arrington references Steve Gillmor’s piece from May where he proclaims RSS dead. RSS never really caught on with mainstream consumers as a way to follow news. But you can’t [...]

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