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Link I just cancelled my Zagat subscription. Those guys got Yelped.

I have been a subscriber to for about 10 years. It costs $24.95/year. They provide online access to the information that is in the books. As New Yorkers know, where the guide got its start, The Zagat survey was for a long time the goto book for figuring out where to eat in NYC. [...]

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Link Why there should be no limit on the H1B visas allowed

Only last year, all the H1B visa slots available to hire foreigners to work in the US were snapped up in a single day. We hired someone through the program a few years back when tech hiring was tight. It seemed ridiculous that more slots were not made available. The fear in Washington is that [...]

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Link The Panasonic GF-1 heralds the second rise of the point and shoot

Photography enthusiasts of a certain age remember that it was not long ago that the SLR camera was declared all but dead, a niche product for die hard tinkerers. The date was 1995. Film was the name of the game. Point and shoot cameras (P&S) were getting better and better. Enthusiasts were buying Yashica T4 [...]

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Link Twitter/Phanfare integration is now live

You can now automatically tweet when you publish an album at Phanfare. You just need to associate your Twitter account with your Phanfare account and then choose which Phanfare sites and subsites (pro feature) are covered. When we tweet an album on your behalf, we tweet the album name and a link through a Phanfare [...]

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Link Danger data loss give hosted services a bad name

Last week we learned that Danger, a subsidiary of Microsoft, has lost huge amounts of customer data. Danger makes the sidekick smartphone, and they offer a service to synchronize the phone (contacts, photos, etc) to hosted servers, aka, the Cloud. The critics wanted to know “why was there no backup?” And of course then there [...]

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Link Print photos at home from your iPhone with Phanfare Photon

We are announcing today that we have updated Phanfare Photon for the iPhone to enable home printing to HP printers. The updated version of the iPhone app is available in the app store now. We worked with HP to get this all working. We are the first app outside of HP’s iPrint Photo that will [...]

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