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Link Other Goodies in HD Video Release

While the addition of HD video is the big news in the latest release, there were lots of other goodies tucked in as well. Play It Again Sam – Or Not. Add multiple songs to the same slideshow, including the option of having different playlists for each album section. You can choose from our stock [...]

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Link HD Video has Landed at Phanfare

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of HD video support for Pro customers. You can now watch your videos in full-screen, HD glory. We are busy reconverting all the videos for web presentation, but if you are eager to see what it looks like, here are some soccer videos and some photos too, [...]

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Link New version of Phanfare Photon – But it’s not all good

There is a new version of Phanfare Photon for the iPhone available in the app store. This version fixes the nasty bug where you get knocked offline because you created an album when your default music pref was null. However, this version also removes our super cool image import flow and replaces it with the [...]

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