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Link The Apple iPad will reinvent consumer computing

Apple announced the new iPad yesterday, essentially a large format iPhone. Some are disappointed that it is not more revolutionary with respect to the iPhone. I think the device is exactly what it needed to be. Many of my friends and colleagues who own iPhones have noted that they already use their home computer much [...]

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Link Facebook’s New Privacy Defaults Devalue Relationships

A couple of months back, Facebook changed their default settings so that wall posts (those status messages everyone creates) would be open to the public. Then facebook took everybody through a wizard asking that they take on the new defaults. Recently, in an interview with Michael Arrington, Mark Zuckerberg started explaining why he made the [...]

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Link Happy New Year – My hard drive failed

I returned from vacation to find out that the 3 year old Western Digital boot drive on my Mac Pro failed and the machine would not boot. That gave me pause for reflection on what I really needed to recover to get up and running. Here is my list: Need to install OS X on [...]

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