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Link Phanfare Publishing Model

We get quite a few questions on a regular basis about our permissions and sharing model for web albums. In this post, I will attempt to explain how it works, the history of it, and how we plan to simplify it. There are two separate ways to publish within your Phanfare account. The first way [...]

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Link Apple is currently selling 20,000 iPads per hr – $10MM/hour

We just bought two iPads, about 30 minutes apart. Our order IDs are 10,000 apart. Assuming those order IDs are sequential, and they appear to be, then Apple is selling 20,000 iPads per hour. Assuming most orders are for the $499 model, and that people are only buying 1 per order, that means Apple is [...]

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Link Start Selling with Phanfare

We are proud to announce that you can now sell photo merchandise through Phanfare and earn money! Phanfare Pro customers can set their own prices and earn 85% of the markup. Phanfare will send you a check each month where your balance exceeds $500. We have tons of Professional photographers that have been asking to [...]

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