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Link Announcing Phanfare’s New Web Organizer

We are pleased to announce Phanfare’s new web organizer, available immediately. Phanfare’s new web organizer (internally known as Phanfare 4.0) brings some of the best features of our desktop clients to the web browser and introduces new organizational features to the Phanfare community.

  • Background uploading on the web. Upload photos and videos to multiple albums while continuing to organize, caption and edit photos.
  • A whole new look. The Phanfare organizer has been redesigned from the ground up and leverages the very latest in web browser technology (most-recent version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer recommended).
  • A new logical way of manipulating album and image properties. You can now change album options, styles, across multiple albums at a time. Images can be manipulated in groups as well.
  • Efficient use of screen real-estate. You can collapse most elements to maximize the space for viewing images.
  • Phanfare Subsites for all along with new tools to manipulate and manage your subsites.

The new web organizer is available immediately at Just login and start enjoying it. Here’s a detailed overview of how to use it if you prefer to start with the manual.

Phanfare’s new web organizer blurs the line between desktop and web software like never before for photo organizing. This new release takes us just one stop closer to our vision of cloud-based photography.

  • Charlie

    I just used it and I am very impressed. Congratulations. I can see the desktop versions going away with the functionality, stability and ease of use of the new web organizer. I have been a customer since year one.

  • erlichson

    Thanks! We have only just begun with the web app. This is version 1.0.

  • Brian

    When will (or if, should I say) you guys update the apple phanfare app to take into consideration the real estate of the iPad? Just wondering, Thanks!

  • erlichson

    we are working on it and it should be released by July.

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