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Link HD Video for All

We are pleased to announce that we have changed our pricing plans to now offer HD video to all customers, a feature previously offered only to Phanfare Pro customers.

Here is a full summary of the additional features now being offered to our Phanfare Premium customers:

  • HD Video. Display your videos on the web in 720p HD. HD videos look gorgeous, especially fullscreen.
  • CNAME Support. You can use your own domain name with Phanfare and display your albums at
  • More Customization. Add your own custom header or footer. Change our colors to match yours.
  • RAW Files. Store your RAW files along with your JPEG files at Phanfare. Our Lightroom and Aperture plugins support RAW+JPEG export. RAW files require purchase of RAW blocks, which are sold separately.
  • No Phanfare Branding on Your Albums. This feature takes me back since it’s the way Phanfare was launched in 2004. ;-)
  • Subsites. (announced last week). You can have an unlimited number of Phanfare subsites at, each with optional password protection and its own title and description.
  • We are making these changes because we want Phanfare Premium to provide everything a photographer needs to organize, archive and publish his photos and videos.

    This amounts to a re-segmentation of the Phanfare product offerings. Phanfare Premium is for enthusisasts and Prosumers. Phanfare Pro is intended for working Pros. The Phanfare Pro plan allows working photographers to monetize their work through the sale of photo merchandise. We pay 85% of the markup to the photographer.

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  • Stephen S

    As a premium customer, I'm really liking these recent changes.

  • Noel

    As a premium customer, i dont like these changes. Prices just doubled! And now i have to pay a lot more for something i dont need and use.

  • Jimmy

    I have to agree with Noel. Prices weren't just “increased”… they doubled. While I must allow for you to make money and improve your offerings, this really isn't acceptable. I may use HD video some-day, but currently am not… and don't feel like paying for it.

    You're forcing me to reconsider other alternatives now, after being a loyal customer for several years.

    Not cool.

  • erlichson

    This post does a better job of explaining what motivated the increases.…

    This is not the type of price increase you should expect on a regular basis; it's a one time adjustment to assure that we have the margins we need to invest in the business.

    We believe Phanfare is still an excellent value at the new prices considering the quality of the tools and the underlying online storage. But ultimately, customers have to decide.

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