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Link Announcing Phanfare for the iPad

We are delighted to announce Phanfare for the Apple iPad. Phanfare for the iPad lets you edit, organize and display your Phanfare photos and videos on the iPad. Phanfare for the iPad includes full screen photo and video slideshows with your own music. Slideshows take advantage of the increased screen real estate available on the [...]

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Link iPhone 4 Impressions

I have had an iPhone 4 since launch day. I upgraded from a 3GS. Overall, it’s nice upgrade over the previous version of the phone. The single best feature is the new 300 DPI Retina display. You interact with that display all the time and you never stop noticing how beautiful and sharp it is. [...]

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Link Phanfare Reaches Profitability

To our customers, I am delighted to announce that Phanfare has reached profitability. We had our first profitable month ever in June 2010 and will continue to be profitable going forward on both a cash and accrual basis. This is a significant accomplishment for the company and I am incredibly proud of our team for [...]

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